Links and documents

RoADAR-northeast uses OwnCloud to share documents and folders. Some are in the public domain, while others require you to log in as a member, tutor or committee member.

All documents are available to view via these links; with the exception of public documents
(which includes our “Open Roads ” newsletter)  you will require a password.


 Online documents that require a login are not currently accessible. We are working on this and hope to have this issue resolved soon.


RoADAR NorthEast would encourage our members to consider joining Northumbria Blood Bikes.
More information on their website.

Documents on the ROSPA website


The ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders website provides some useful documents – but they arent always easy to find. Here are some links to help you access them:


Documents for drivers

Documents for Riders

About the RoADAR test

Apply for your test


On the test application form you will need to choose our group – North East Drivers and Riders

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