Drivers and vulnerable road users

Everyone has the right to travel on the road safely, whether by car, motorcycle, pedal cycle, horse or on foot.

Some road users are more vulnerable than others. A vulnerable road user refers to those who have less crash protection than occupants of motor vehicles and therefore have a higher risk of being injured or killed in a road crash.

Drivers should take extra care to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users, because a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist or horse rider will always come off worse. Whenever and wherever you drive:

  • Watch your speed
  • Expect to encounter different road users
  • Be patient. Give others time and room
  • Be ready for others to make mistakes
  • Concentrate on your driving
  • Never drive and use a mobile phone. You can easily be distracted from concentrating on the road
  • Consider taking advanced driver training.

Our drivers and vulnerable road users leaflet gives advice on how to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users.

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