Regarding Motorcycles

In accordance with the latest revisions to RoSPA HQ and Government Guidance, motorcycle training is now allowed to resume providing all other restrictions are adhered to. The guidelines for how this will be implemented can be seen here: Covid-19 Motorcycle Training Guidelines

For the time being we will not be conducting Motorcycle Social Rides, as soon as this becomes possible, we will notify you here.

RoSPA are recommencing Motorcycle Testing from 15th June

You can get more information from

Regarding Cars

Car tutoring will be allowed to re-commence if both tutor and tutee are willing, and provided Covid-19 protection measures are in place.  Full details have been circulated to our members, and available via this link.
Car examining and tutor examining will also re-commence under similar conditions.

However while local restrictions are in force as stated below, we feel these activities should be suspended

Regarding Meetings

At a recent committee meeting it was decided not to reopen meetings at present. We will provide updated information as it becomes available, but do not expect any meetings in the current year.

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